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On-Site Gas Systems Tailored to Your Needs

No matter what your gas volume requirements TGG has a solution to fit your needs.  TGG can analyze your current gas usage and custom tailor a microbulk or large bulk gas system from 230 liter to 12,000 gallons that provides a convenient and continuous supply of argon, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, propane, or propylene.  Bulk gas systems enhance safety and reduce costs associated with cylinder handling, while also maintaining higher, more consistent product purity levels.  Gas mixers can be added to your bulk gas system for customers who use high volumes of mixed gas.  For laser systems a Trifecta® Gas Supply System can be added to standard bulk tank to boost gas pressure or a VHP Microbulk tank can be installed to provide a continuous supply of high-pressure nitrogen. Add our Remote Gas Monitoring Service to your bulk gas system to further enhance your operational efficiencies. Whether you need a single gas or a multiple component mix, TGG has the technology and experience to provide the highest quality bulk or microbulk gas system available. 

WHy Go Bulk?

  • Safety– Cylinder handling can be dangerous if proper safety precautions aren’t followed. The average compressed gas cylinder is 4 feet tall and weighs over 100 lbs.  While this may not sound particularly heavy, serious injury can occur if these cumbersome objects are moved incorrectly or fall on an employee.  Many cylinders contain pressures in excess of 2,000 psi. A broken valve resulting from a falling cylinder is all it takes for the cylinder to become an unguided missile. Any uncontrolled release of gas under pressure can create a dangerous environment.
  • Product Cost Savings– Buying in bulk results in significant product cost savings by reducing handling costs for filling, delivering and picking up used cylinders. In most cases you will also save money on your monthly rental by eliminating single cylinders.
  • Product Waste Savings-Reduces product usage by up to 20% due to the elimination of residual product returned in cylinders.
  • Employee Labor Efficiency– Reduces time and costs for employees changing out empty cylinders with full cylinders. Labor tends to be the leading expense for customers, so why have them waste valuable time changing out cylinders.    
  • Stockouts– Bulk Gas Systems reduce supply interruptions by providing a continuous on-demand supply of gas.
  • Monitoring– Real-time 24/7 inventory level monitoring using our remote monitoring service and product usage forecasting to schedule with automatic on-time deliveries, on your preferred schedule.
  • Space Savings– Bulk Gas systems reduce storage space required to store surplus full and empty cylinders.
  • Theft/Lost Cylinders Savings– During cylinder audits it’s common to find customers are missing more cylinders than they realize. Bulk Gas Systems eliminates costs associated with lost or stolen cylinders.

Bulk and Microbulk Gases

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