Propane (C3H8)


Propane, also known as LPG, is a colorless, flammable, liquefied gas with natural gas odor.  It is a safe, clean, and efficient product that can be used in a residential or commercial application.  Propane supply is abundant and easily accessed for a reasonable price.  This is why so may people, whether it’s a business owner, a manager of an industrial site, or even a homeowner, choose propane as their fuel option.  If you need a forklift propane tank refill, consider Tulsa Gas & Gear — we offer different sizes of propane cylinders, ranging from 27 pounds to 420 pounds to fit all your propane needs. And because propane cylinders are required to be re-certified after 12 years from the manufacturer date, our company is approved to visually re-certify out of date cylinders for your convenience.  Tulsa Gas & Gear can provide all the propane services you may need.

TEchnical Information

Molecular Weight 44.096
Specific Volume 8.5 cf/lb @ 70 F & 1 ATM
Flammability Limts in Air 2.2 - 9.5 % in Air
Liquid Density 4.235 lb / gal
Refrigerant Number R290
Fill Density 42%

Safety Data Sheet PDF Link


Propane Uses and Applications

Cutting: In scrap yards, propane is often used for cutting carbon steel since the cut quality is not important. Propane may be used in other areas where cut quality is not a concern as well because it’s a cost-effective fuel gas. Additionally, the flame temperature of the oxy-propane flame is lower than acetylene, which is ideal for cutting.

Forklift: Propane is also often used to power forklifts. Unfortunately, refilling propane cylinders by yourself can be risky — it’s essential to make sure all safety propane requirements are met. This is why Tulsa Gas & Gear offers a forklift exchange program. By choosing our propane cylinder exchange program, you can ensure you’re providing the safest work environment possible. Some benefits of our forklift propane refill program include:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Thorough inspection of cylinders
  • Damaged cylinders are removed
  • Repair or replacement of valves as needed
  • Replacement of O-rings as needed
  • Shipping and delivery tracking
  • Routing schedule options

Heating: Industrial shops can benefit from using propane as a safe and effective heating method during the cold months, especially when the tanks can moved around easily as needed.

Cooking and Grilling: Propane can be used residentially as well and is often used to fuel grills. It can be especially beneficial for homeowners to exchange propane tanks through Tulsa Gas & Gear for convenient and reliable services.

Propane Transportation Information

Class or
Passenger Aircraft or
Railcar Quantity
Cargo Aircraft
Only Quantity
PropaneUN19782.1Not applicable2.1Forbidden150 kgN/A

It’s important to remember that propane is a hazardous material and needs to be handled very carefully. You should never smoke near propane cylinders, valves should be shut off immediately if a leak is detected, and eye protection and gloves should always be worn when handling propane cylinders.

To ensure all safety measures are met, like transporting them properly and refilling them safely, customers should rely on an experienced company to repair, replace, and transport propane cylinders. If you’re in need of a replacement cylinder or need a refill, contact TGG.

Propane Packaging Options

Low Pressure Cylinders

Low Pressure Bulk Tanks

Low Pressure Transport

Propane Purity Grades

Instrument 99.50%
Chemically Pure (CP) 99.00%

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