Gas Equipment

Professional Grade gas Apparatus equipment

TGG supplies cutting and gas regulation equipment from trusted manufacturers like Victor®, Harris®, Saf-T-Cart®, and many more.  Our gas products include all the professional grade equipment needed for cutting and gas regulation. 

Gas Equipment:

  • Gas Regulators and Flow meters
    • Regulator Repair Parts
  • Cutting, Heating, and Welding Outfits
  • Torches, Handles, & Cutting Attachments
  • Cutting Tips
  • Heating & Welding Tips
  • Straight and machine torches
  • Portable cutting machines
  • Flashback arrestors and accessories
  • Welding Gas Hose
  • Adaptors and fittings
  • Cylinder carts
  • Manifolds, piping, and valves
  • Specialty Gas Regulators
  • Spark lighters, and flints
  • Tip cleaners
  • Adapters & Fittings

Gas Equipment Brand Selection:

VIctor Torches & Regulatorrs
Lincoln Electric
Harris Torches & Regulators
Smith Equipment
Bohler Welding
Koike Aronson Ransome
Concoa Precision Gas Controls
Superior Products
Western Enterprises
Bug-O Systems
Harper Trucks

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