Gas SOlutions For Every Industry

With a comprehensive offering of both pure gases and gas blends, TGG is ready to supply you with the exact gas you need.   Tulsa Gas & Gear refills, exchanges, and rents cylinders in various mixtures and grades of gases.  Our warehouse is fully stocked with a complete line of industrial gases including argon, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen, helium, hydrogen, propane, propylene, FXD, and many more.  Tulsa Gas & Gear provides gas solutions to meet the needs of many industries like industrial grade gases for welding and fabricating, aerospace, laser and plasma cutters, party balloons, greenhouse enrichment, water PH control, and aerosol propellants; medical grade gases for dentist, medical clinics, veterinarians, nursing homes, home health care providers, and pharmacies; food and beverage grade gases for restaurants, breweries, wineries, food packagers, and convenience stores; ultra-high purity specialty gases for research laboratories, universities, calibration, EPA Protocol, petrochemical; high purity hydrocarbons for cannabis and botanical extraction, commercial refrigeration, hot water systems, and air conditioning; and fuel gases for cutting, heat treating, and power for transportation.  TGG distributes our gases in many different package options.  No matter if its customer pickup or delivery TGG’s gas package solutions like compressed high-pressure cylinders, cylinder packs, microbulk and bulk tank, tube trailers, and portable transports you can be assured that TGG has a solution to meet your gas needs.  Our state-of-the-art cylinder filling plant can produce gases to meet your specific needs, and our fleet of cryogenic delivery trucks can supply all your bulk and microbulk needs.       

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