Remote Gas Monitoring

Never Run Out of Gas Again

What is TGG remote monitoring?  As an added service, gone are the days of customers manually checking gas inventory levels.  Gas stockouts lead to production stops and unnecessary expense.  Tulsa Gas & Gear can wirelessly connect to sensors placed on your bulk tanks or cylinder packs to remotely monitor gas levels and pressure.  Since TGG is actively monitoring your levels we can avoid surprise stockouts and emergency deliveries.  Our system is actively monitoring your levels and can help us forecast deliveries, set alerts, and schedule distribution.  Call us today and see the TGG difference. 

How it Works

  • Weight scale sensor, differential pressure gauge sensors and/or pressure sensors are installed on the bulk tank, microbulk tank, cylinder pack, or individual cylinder.
  • Measurements and alerts are communicated wirelessly to our remote monitoring application
  • Readings are monitored and used to forecast usage patterns
  • As readings get low deliveries are scheduled for product refill

What Applications is Remote Gas Level Monitoring For?

  • Bulk Gas Tanks
  • MicroBulk Tanks
  • Cylinder Packs
  • Bulk Beverage Carbonation
  • Beverage CO2 Cylinders
  • Bulk Propane
  • Medical Gas Cylinders
  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Laboratory Gases
  • Manifolded Industrial Gases
  • Specialty Gases
  • Liquid Cylinders or Dewars

What Are The Benefits of Remote Monitoring?

  • No Stockouts– Inventory stockouts can lead to production delays and added expenses like overtime and penalties or fines.
  • Focus on Business Duties– No longer need employee waste valuable production time to check gas inventory levels.
  • Usage Rate Analytics– Gas usage analytics can identify problems like leaks and can give guidance to when it may be appropriate for customer to update tank size.
  • Maximize Delivery Efficiency– TGG’s customers no longer need to guess when it may be appropriate to reorder. Our monitoring software can forecast usage patterns and help reduce delivery fees and maximize customer savings.
  • Elimination of Last Minute or Emergency Delivery– Last minute rush deliveries result in an unnecessary expedite delivery charge.

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