Welding Filler MetaLs

Largest Filler MEtal Inventory In Oklahoma

TGG distributes and stocks a complete line of welding filler metals, welding wire, MIG wire (GMAW), TIG rods (GTAW), stick electrode (SMAW), Flux-cored wire (FCAW), sub arc wire (SAW), and more.  Our stocking inventory of filler metals is the largest in Oklahoma.  We specialize in stocking many grades of stainless steels, nickel alloys, copper alloys, and low-alloy steel filler metals.  We can also provide customers with material test reports when requested.  At TGG, we will help you find a filler metal from trusted manufacturers like, Lincoln Electric, ESAB, Kobelco, Arcos, and Special Metals for your welding needs. 

Filler Metal Options:

  • MIG Wire (GMAW & SAW)
    • Aluminum MIG Wire
    • Bronze Alloy MIG Wire
    • Carbon Steel MIG Wire
    • Copper Alloy MIG Wire
    • Hard Facing MIG Wire
    • Low Alloy Steel MIG Wire
    • Maintenance Alloy MIG Wire
    • Nickel Alloy MIG Wire
    • Stainless Steel MIG Wire
    • Carbon Steel Subarc Wire
    • Hard Facing Subarc Wire
    • Low Alloy Subarc Wire
    • Nickel Subarc Wire
    • Stainless Steel Subarc Wire
  • TIG Rod (GTAW)
    • Aluminum Tig Rod
    • Bronze Alloy Tig Rod
    • Carbon Steel Tig Rod
    • Copper Alloy Tig Rod
    • Hard Facing Tig Rod
    • Low Alloy Tig Rod
    • Maintenance Alloy Tig Rod
    • Nickel Alloy Tig Rod
    • Stainless Steel Tig Rod
  • Stick Electrode (SMAW)
    • Carbon Steel Stick Electrode
    • Low Alloy Steel Stick Electrode
    • Maintenance Alloy Stick Electrode
    • Nickel Alloy Stick Electrode
    • Stainless Steel Stick Electrode
    • Cobalt-Based Hard Facing Alloy Stick Electrode
    • Aluminum Stick Electrode
  • Tubular Wire (FCAW)
    • Carbon Steel Gas Shielded Tubular Wire
    • Carbon Steel Self Shielded Tubular Wire
    • Hard Facing Gas Shielded Tubular Wire
    • Hard Facing Self Shielded Tubular Wire
    • Low Alloy Steel Tubular Wire
    • Maintenance Alloy Tubular Wire
    • Nickel Alloy Tubular Wire
    • Stainless Steel Tubular Wire
    • Stainless Steel Self Shielded Tubular Wire
  • Fluxes & Powders
    • Brazing & Soldering Flux
    • Spray Powders
    • Submerged Arc Flux
  • Solder
    • Silver Soldering & Brazing

Filler Metal Brand Selection:

Lincoln Electric
Bohler Welding
Harris Torches & Regulators
Oxford Alloys
Washington Alloys

Oklahoma's #1 Welding Supply

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