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Advanced Cylinder Management Advantage

Tulsa Gas & Gear uses the latest Advanced Cylinder Management (ACM) barcode and mobile scanning technologies to make sure we can accurately track deliveries and returns of our rental cylinders to our customers.  TGG has 100% of our cylinders barcoded for tracking.  Our system minimizes human errors in tracking cylinders by adding a unique barcode to every cylinder when it is placed into service.  With ACM’s real-time updates, we know at any given time where our cylinders are located. Whether the cylinder is on the dock empty, on the dock full, on a truck being delivered or at a customer site, we know with pinpoint accuracy.  ACM links each cylinder to the last user, so lost or stolen cylinders returned get credited to the right account. If one of your TGG cylinders gets returned by another party, it automatically gets credited to you, reducing your exposure to lost cylinder issues.  Can your current supplier provide you with this cost saving service?  Call us today and see the TGG difference. 

How it Works

  • We barcode every cylinder when we place them into service, and store important cylinder information like size, retest date, serial number, and gas part number. Barcodes come off or can be damaged and need to be replace.  For this reason, the barcode is tied to the unique cylinder serial number that is stamped into the cylinder to help us track cylinders when the barcode is lost or damaged. 
  • After Cylinders are filled each barcode is scanned placing the cylinder in a dock full state. The lot number for that fill batch is stored with the scan information to help us with our quality control.
  • When drivers load cylinders on their truck for delivery, they scan all cylinders loaded and changing the cylinder status from a dock full state to on truck.
  • When cylinder deliveries are made, or cylinders are pickup up from our facility by customers cylinders are scanned and added to the delivery ticket as a ship. Cylinders are now reflected in our system as at customer site.
  • During deliveries or customer pickups it is common for an empty cylinder to be returned from the customer. The empty cylinders are scanned and added to the delivery ticket as a return and cylinders are placed in a dock empty state in our system.
  • Cylinders are now ready to go back to the fill plant. Our pre-fill scan notifies us of any cylinders that need to be sent off for retesting.  Cylinders that don’t need to be tested are ready to start the tracking cycle over. 

Why Is ACM A Beneficial Service For Our Customers?

  • Confidence that you are being billed correctly for your cylinder balances
  • Cylinder reports that show you the complete history of your cylinders
  • Confidence that your cylinders are exactly where they belong
  • Reduced chance of end users swapping cylinders
  • Reduce cylinder inventory levels by identifying slow-moving cylinders and surplus dock inventory
  • Identify lost or stolen cylinders when returned from others.
  • Excellent quality control with batch lot number assignment, and accurate tracking of batch distribution

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